Who founded istprodukt? Me: Claudia Bernhardt. I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
After I finished my studies in Hamburg, I moved to Berlin (2001). I was supposed to stay only for 3 month to work in an animation studio, but I stayed for good.
Since then I worked for different clients like agencies, magazines and newspapers p.e. taz, Welt am Sonntag, Berliner Morgenpost, Die Zeit, Vanity Fair, DGB, Knaus Verlag.
On April 2, 2004 I established my own Label „istprodukt“ to have the freedom to create and sell what I like. The name „istprodukt“ is the shortform of the sentence: „it is a product“: „is“ means the presence of now and a „product“ can have so many different forms from aeroplane to badge to cake to zip...
My first „istprodukts“ were selfmade badges live drawn and handmade in front of the visitors of a comicfestival in Berlin. Since then the variety of products has grown.
For me some of the best sources for inspirations and ideas are the daily life, travelling, biking and having a shower, blubb.

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